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The Aircraft in SmartCARS

Alex Olmo

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Hi all,

I am setting up a virtual airline, and we have bought SmartCARS, for this I am using the PhpVMS platform.

Currently I already have the SmartCARS (SC) module integrated and it works correctly, that is, the flight arrives at SC correctly and is reported correctly. Integration works Ok.

But, I have the following problem. Currently the idAircraft found in the schedules table (from phpvms) is being sent to SC, and what I need is that the idAircraft from the Bids table (from phpvms) be sent. And my question is that, how can I change or find the code to tell it which field I want to send to SC? I have not been able to find the part of the code where it communicates with SC or how SC collects the information to display it.

I hope you can help me, since I have been blocked in this for many days.

Thank you so much for everything,

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Title: The Aircraft in SmartCARS
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