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Plane Will Not Move When Applying Throttle Forward - Solved!!


Hi, I checked the forums and couldn't find anything on this. I did a flight earlier in the day and had no problems. Maybe something I did wrong in pre-flight (Before Start State), but I thought I had setup the FMC correctly and started all engines, set the L & R Packs ON, L & R Bleeds to AUTO, set ISOL to AUTO, APU Air OFF, set L & R ENG GEN to ON, Flaps, ARM Spoilers, set Stabilizer TRIM like I always do. When I wanted to begin my taxi, I moved the joystick Throttle forward (like always, the v cockpit throttles animate correctly as well, so joystick calibration is not the problem) the plane does not move (chocks are off) at all. Maybe just a glitch and it will magically work next time I fire up the sim. BTW the sim is P3Dv5HF2.



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