Pacx continues to run whilst msfs2020 is paused.

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Version info:

Background info:
Before starting. It appears that I cannot get msfs2020 flights "loaded" into fsuipc 7 not sure if this is a thing you need to do to get pacx to pause or not. but I assume not since I have already successfully run a full flight with pacx detecting the current flight status accurately. gate/taxi/takeoff/climb etc etc. feel free to correct me if this "is" the reason for the problem. and sorry if it is. or if you have any other questions!

It has been observed that Pacx does not detect when msfs2020 has been paused. So the timers / sounds / music will still run as if the flight is active while the simulation has been paused. Using both Menu pause (escape) and the new Live Pause feature (pause break) (though to be fair for the former even some ms2020 features dont yet detect that pause state haha!)

Repro steps:
1: Load fsuipc 7 -

2: Load pac x
3: Load msfs2020
4 observe fsuipc 7 status - "Connected to Sim"
5: Begin a flight with msfs2020 and have a plane sat at the gate of any airport.
6: start a pacx flight.
7: Go into the sim and pause the sim (ESCAPE)
8: Open Pacx and observe timer is still active.

Repro rate:
5/5 - 100% (tried multiple times!)

Debug log
Screenshot: fsuipc7 status, Pacx unpaused during flight. Msfs2020 in background paused

-----------Debug Log Context-----------
1: Steps taken from repro rate 1-5 MS2020 loaded with plane at gate.
2: Simulation paused
3: Simulation unpaused
4: Simulation paused again.



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Welp that sucks, But not surprising considering as i mentioned even MSFS2020 itself dosn't yet handle its pause correctly. 

(When you use live pause the planes functions e.g. fuel consumption, still continues) lol. 

Hopefully they give this a look at sooner or later. guess best we can do right now is report it as a bug on asobo's side and see what happens.

Eitherway, Thanks for looking into it!

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