Can't use my voice for public addresses (no "Listening...")

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Hi there,

I've been using PACX for 2 days now, since I saw a YouTube video that made me buy it. Everything is working perfectly except one thing: the voice announcements. So first I bind a hotkey for it. Let's say I press this key, the "interact" menu shows up without even letting me the opportunity to "record" through the "Listening..." pop-up.

Any ideas why? I already checked "Playback voice for public addresses".


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3 hours ago, Fabio Almeida said:

What is your default system microphone set to on PACX?

I can't set any microphone on PACX (only the audio device PACX plays sounds on). Maybe is the issue coming from there?

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Apologies, what is your default microphone on Windows? You can find out your default microphone on Windows 10 by pressing the Windows key, typing in "Control Panel", clicking on the Hardware and Sound title and clicking "Manage Audio Devices". Once you press this, go to the Microphones tab and check if the microphone you are using has a green tick next to it. 

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