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[20SEP2020] Autolocking Posts and Forum Moderators


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Hello all!


If you haven't sen recently, our latest Forum Moderator has been hard at work locking old topics that have not had a reply in more than 60 days. If you need to find an answer, it will likely have already been answered so make sure that you use the search function in the top right of the forum.

If you need to ask a question or want to restart a discussion, then we strongly urge you to start a new topic! Please be mindful of the rules in regards to repeated questions, though! Thank you @Otto Pilot for your hard work!

New Moderators

Following our recent recruitment of new community moderators, I would like to say a huge welcome to the following people who have recently joined our team to help with moderation, both on the forums and in Discord! They are here to provide answers to your questions and help keep everything on topic! Please join me in welcoming:

@OperatorDerp @Brainz @Daniel C. 


Thank you for all your comments, posts and discussions - we hope to continue the increasing trend as we continue to work very hard on several projects that are coming soon! As always, please feel free to come and join us over on Discord - the link is on the right of the screen next to this post!




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