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PACX Career Progression and Class System


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Hello guys! We have had a few questions asked regarding the rank progression system within PACX. I will now explain each rank individually below, as well as the requirements in order to be promoted within your career! The values provided in the descriptions below are both required in order to progress to the next rank! At the end of this post, I will also discuss the class restrictions and default aircraft.


Unranked - Class: A
This is the default rank within PACX. Every new career will start off with you at this rank. To progress to the rank of Cadet, you need to have completed 1 flight!

The second rank in the PACX Career system is cadet. In order to progress to the rank of Second Officer, you are required to have completed at least 5 flights and have more than 5 hours in the air.

Second Officer - Class: B
The third rank in the chain is Second Officer. To be promoted to Senior Second Officer, you need to have completed a minimum of 25 flights with a total flight time of 25 hours.

Senior Second Officer
As a senior second officer, you have put considerable time into your career already! To complete your promotion to First Officer, you need to complete 50 flights with 50 hours in the air.

First Officer - Class: C
The rank of First Officer signifies you are halfway through completing the official "rank" structure in PACX! To be promoted to Senior First Officer, you are required to complete 75 flights and have 75 hours in the air.

Senior First Officer
To achieve your promotion to Captain, you are required to complete 100 flights in total, as well as having over 100 hours of flight time! 

Captain - Class: D
The promotion to Senior Captain comes with a further increase on requirements, as you begin to near the end of the career path! To be successful in promotion, you should complete 150 flights and have a total of 150 hours in the air! 

Senior Captain
As you continue to climb the ranks, the promotion to Master Captain takes place upon completion of a minimum of 200 flights and 200 hours of flight time. By this point, you have spent over full 7-days of real time on expanding your career!

Master Captain
The final rank in the chain is Master Captain. The official rank system stops at this rank, but for every flight you do, you will work towards achieving your ace ranks! To be promoted to Ace I, you need have completed 250 flights and have a total of 250 hours in the air.

Ace - Class: E
Upon achieving Ace, you have completed the PACX career system, but the progression does not stop here! You will keep progressing in Ace levels for every 10 flights and 10 hours you complete! Congratulations, and well done on achieving the rank of Ace!


Aircraft Rank Classes (Hardcore Mode)

Class A:
Every pilot flying with a PACX Career will be able to fly Class A aircraft. Default aircraft in the PACX Airplanes file at rank Class A includes: ATR 42, ATR 72, 717-200, CRJ-100/200/700/900/1000, DH8D, ERJ-135/145/170/175/190/195, MD-81/82/83/87/88, Fokker 50/70/100 and the Saab 340.

Class B (Second Officer+):
Aircraft included by default in PACX with a rank restriction of Class B includes: the A318-321 series and the B737 series.

Class C (First Officer+):
Aircraft included by default in PACX with an associated rank restriction of Class C includes: A300-200/600, A330-200/300, 707-120/320/420, 727-100/200, 757-200/300, 767-200/300/400, DC-3, DC-6 and DC-9.

Class D (Captain+):
Aircraft restricted in PACX to Captains+ include the: A340-300/600, A350-800/900/1000, A380-800, 777-200/300, 787-8/9/10, DC-10, L-1011, L-1049 and the MD-11.

Class E (Ace+):
The only aircraft in the ace restriction rank is the legendary Concorde. No other default aircraft has this restriction.

If you wish to add your own aircraft to PACX or adjust the restrictions, you can do so in the Airplanes folder! Feel free to share the changes with us in Discord!

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On 12/15/2020 at 8:49 PM, BF Bullpup said:

Sometimes I use the FSX default 747-400 with PACX.  It looks like it would fit with Class C along with direct replacements 777 and 787, unless the team feels it is better suited for Class B or even A?

The 747 would probably fit into Class D.

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Hi all,

Quick question about career mode and MSFS2020. Is there any way to add in PACX a compatible class plane so I can start my career on msfs 2020 ? all aircraft proposed by PACX whit aircraft restriction class A does not exist in MSFS 2020.

I am maybe missing something ?

Thanks a lot !

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