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Addon Manager Internet Connection

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Hello everybody

I wanted to install the 717 in my computer. I downloaded the latest version of the Addon Manager from my TFDI account. However, when I open it I get an error saying that it needs an Internet connection. Of course my internet connection is working completely fine. Just in case i added an exception to the firewall and I even deactivated it completely. However, the error persists.


I use Windows 10 64-bit with its latest updates. I also have the latest version of P3D v4.5 installed in my machine.

Strangely, it seems that I had a previous installation of the 717 in my Machine. However, nothing from TFDI appeared in my control panel to uninstall. For this reason, I deleted everything related to the 717 from my computer. This includes everything about TFDI located in the SimObjects/Airplanes, LocalAppData and ProgramData folders. Even after those deletions the problem persists.

From my TFDI account I see that my last activation of the plane was in July of 2019, so I don't think that this is related to a licensing issue

Any ideas?


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