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Aircraft Problem: Positive Outcome

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Hey guys,

it would be nice to have a "positive outcome/ problem solved" option under "aircraft problem". Which basically lets you continue as planned and/or divert without everyone being anxious to crash.

I had a funny situation for example: a slight fuel imbalance between left and right tank had me enable cross feed and briefly turn off the left tank pumps - ofc in the a320 that shut down the left engine immediately. No biggy, left eng off, apu on, apu bleed on, cranked left eng briefly, left engine to start, about 2 min later flight was proceeding without failure and as planned.

However: The flight status was now "engine failure" and emergency, the snacks and drinks got cancelled. In general it is awesome that emergencies play a role ofc. But what would be nice, is a "positive outcome/ cancel emergency" option. Nothing is nicer to experience a problem while flying, and fixing it (in a sim, irl I guess no problem at all is best haha). 

In that sense it would be nice to have a "problem solved, divert" and "problem solved, continue as planned" option under "aircraft problems". One for still diverting out of caution, but also putting the passengers at ease, so that they are merely annoyed with the diversion, but not anxious anymore. The latter to simply continue as planned, so that the anxiety goes away and their mood can slowly regenerate. 

Thanks for considering it! And as always, thank you for your great work!


PS: Solving a problem would be nice to be followed by a cheer or clapping audible from the passengers. Likewise when landing with a declared emergency, clapping would be nice, as cheesey as it is. But bringing a bird down with no engines at all, etc, deserves a bit of a fanfare at the end imo. Just a slight side thought.

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On 10/14/2020 at 3:18 PM, Fabio Almeida said:

One question I have about this suggestion is when you would need to cancel an emergency? Usually, when you declare an emergency, you usually are in an emergency throughout the flight.

Interesting idea though.


Good question. Following that I think aircraft problem needs a branching option, like many of the other calls have, too. Looking at it now, I think the issue is that every aircraft problem is automatically treated like an emergency.

Maybe a branching like this would work:

aircraft problem -> select type (or autodetected by pacx) -> choose a) inform passengers of technical problem (upsets them fairly, but less than emergency) or: -> choose b) declare emergency (upsets them as is)

If emergency has been declared -> choose a) continue (calms them a bit) or -> choose b) divert (upsets them even more)

If technical problem has been announced -> choose a) problem solved, continue (resets their mood) or -> choose b) problem solved, but divert (keeps them annoyed) or -> choose c) declare emergency upon which again you can -> choose a) continue or -> choose b) divert as above.


Additionally the subsequent options should not be time forced, means declared at the pilot's pace. However, one could do so, that if no announcement/ decision has been made since the technical problem is detected by passengers (this should include stuff obvious to them, like an engine stopping, cabin pressure, etc), their mood keeps decreasing until you make a decision that points their mood in the right direction, either up or down.

Thanks again for all your great work, guys! I am enjoying PACX a lot!!


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@IronMike After reviewing your suggestion and discussing it with our team, we are deciding to not have this suggestion continue into PACX. I will provide our reasoning for this below:

  • Emergencies are very one way, it is very rare that an aircraft would enter an emergency and decide it is no longer in an emergency after an amount of time.
  • This would likely cause the emergency handling award to be given in incorrect situations.
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