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717 update to 1.1.7 with P3dv4 crashing




I updated today my TFIDI 717 to version 1.1.7 through Orbx Central. Unfortunatly after the update the plane wont start any more. I see it in the list of aircraft but once I want to load a scenario i loads ages and after a time P3D is crashing. 


I already tried to uninstall and reinstall the plane trough Orbx Central without any change. 



Any suggestions? 





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12 hours ago, Jishwaah said:

What errors are you seeing when P3D crashes? Is it just at one airport or at various? What are your system specs? Which version of P3D v4 are you running?

P3D Version: (SimConnect Version


System Specs: 

win10 pro, 32GB Ram, i9-9900K processor with 3,6 GHZ, graphic card: GeForce RTX2070Super


Description of Problem: 

1.) Selecting the TFDI Aircraft

2.) Selecting an airport (tried it with NZWN (where I run flighbeam scenery) and NZCH (default Scenery but having Orbx South Island installed)

3.) weather: live weather from active sky

4.) daytime

5.) Starting the scenario

-> first time it says scenery etc. is loading, i see the progress bar but once that is finished the system stays on the startscreen, in the vehicle-window it says "No Preview Available) and nothing else happens. If I click on "OK" again, the system freezes and crashes and I am kicked back to the desktop app.


If I select another aircraft it is working. 


Already tried to uninstall/reinstall the TFDI plane. 


Any ideas?

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after two more times uninstalling it, reinstalling it through orbx and re-verifying the files it is working now. Only have to setup all the liveries again... all in all not a pleasant experience after an update. Seems you really have to think about updating once one comes available :(

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