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"We apologize for the delay"

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Still having this issue (latest version):

I made a detailed post about how PACX strangely calculates times. What is "Time until departure" referencing? If it's time until pushback (which of course is more important) then something is off. If it really means time until blocks off (airborne), then that's something that would be weird to calculate. So when we fill that time in, we're supposed to think about boarding, push, and taxi? When I landed, I heard an announcement about apologizing for the delay, and my flight time was 2 mins more than estimated. But again, that doesn't matter since I arrived exactly on time. It would make more sense for us to fill in a simple scheduled departure and arrival time, and an estimated flying time so that PACX could have a lot more relevant information. Of course, flying time is irrelevant if you're getting to the gate when you're supposed to, so that shouldn't constitute a delay.

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On 11/18/2020 at 9:08 AM, Steven Bryce said:

Time until departure is referencing : Boarding until Wheels Up Time (Departure Time)

Flight Time is calculated = Wheels up to at the arrival gate

Are you using the simbrief integration? If so, it will pull the times from there.

I see, that seems to be the issue then.

Simbrief does not output flight time as you described. In real life, and for simbrief, flight time refers to wheels up to touchdown, which is why PACX is giving an erroneous delay. 

Is there any way this can be changed? It’s kind of a strange way to program this, as it takes away from realism if the program can’t calculate times according to how it would be IRL, and no one in the industry refers to flight time in such a way.

Also time to departure is kind of irrelevant as well because although airlines do try and factor taxi times into scheduled block, it’s not really fair to have passenger satisfaction decrease because your wheels up time is a bit later than you predicted, especially since you can still arrive early. Of course the highest factors that would actually bother pax would be an actual departure delay (late push) or arrival delay (late block in) 

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