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Few Suggestions



Ability to set defined time in which SC3 sends data to the VA server for standard posrep.

Ability to detect lights on/off with variables e.g. Landing lights turned on at 10240ft above the ground etc

ability to detect simulator used when filing PIREP

further variables to be tracked with every ping to the va server such as pitch/bank of aircraft or have options that the VA Administrator can enable to include in these posreps reports.

ability to detect the following items and trigger something in the log (if turned on in VA settings)

  • Spoilers 
  • doors
  • transponder
  • better flap detection (airbus only having 4 steps instead of the default 8 on SC2)

Reference VA dataset if defined and enabled (e.g. airport lat/lng, altitude)

Ability to start a diversion mid flight and referencing VA airport database, land at this alternate airport without the (landed 2000nm away from scheduled airport). Comments box, reason etc provided for pilot to complete for review.

Ability to set aircraft variables such as PAX, fuel and cargo weight etc then when a pilot starts the flight in SC3 the the aircraft weights will be the same if the defined ones.

More API options for developers to further expand the use of SC3. Understand that most of these options may only be implemented within an API


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Title: Few Suggestions
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