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Just want to reactivate 717...cannot login to my TFDi account to submit ticket

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Frustrated....I am to blame, of course.  I should have just moved along when I saw the beautiful 717 was on sale on Orbx last week.

I cannot get 717 to activate and I cannot submit a ticket.

My story is long and ... long.

Bought 717 for FSX on Orbx.  Worked fine for a few hours.  Then I received the "product unactivated" message when I tried to load it.  Fine.  FSX has trained me for years to suffer exactly this kind of thing.  At this point, for us who still walk the FSX path, it is not really about "fun" anymore, right?

I then went to TFDi addon manager, just to see what it said.  It said I am "logged in" somehow on TFDi with the email address I used for Orbx.  "Weird," I thought, since I did not recall ever creating a TFDi account at that time.  But my handle is "fake pilot," not "computer wizard."  I chalk it up to some weird Orbx and TFDi thing.  It was of no consequence at the time so I moved on.

Next, while I don't remember setting up a proper account with TFDi using the email address I use with Orbx, I DO remember trying to sign up for a TFDi forums account using that email, since joining the forum was the only way I could read the messages about how to reactivate my poor 717.  But, alas, when I tried to set up a forums account with the email I use for Orbx, the activation email I was definitely promised from TFDi never arrived.  Ever.  In the end, I had to use a different email address to create a forums account you see now.

Eventually, I just reinstalled 717 using Orbx Central and, huzzah!, it worked.  The sordid affair was placed in back of mind. 

But today, 717 tells me it is "unactivated" again. 

Reading the forums, I now discover maybe I can reactivate 717 by logging in to my TFDi proper account and clicking a few things.  I think maybe this clicking deal will work with a 717 downloaded through Obrx, or maybe not.  I'd like to try, anyway.

So today I tried to log into that TFDi proper account I don't recall ever setting up with the same email I use for Orbx.  But I have no password on hand since I can't remember setting up this account.  So I asked TFDi website to send me an email to reset my password.  "Done" the website said, but alas no email ever arrived, just as before.  Bowed not broken, I tried registering anew.  "Negative," website said,  "you cannot do that," that email is already in use.  "Fine," I said and clicked it 17 more times to send me an email to reset my password.  Yeah.

So at this point I thought maybe I should just disappear the 717 ...sort of like my JustFlight HS748 that lingers--not alive, exactly...an almost-forgotten installation .exe file... somewhere.

But no.  I just want 717 to fly ...like the old days two days ago when I ran her into the smokestack south of PHOG.

It can be done, I said to myself.  OK, maybe I can't get into THAT TFDi proper account.  But like a friggin' genius, I created a DIFFERENT TFDi proper account using a different email address.  Success!  Of course, the new TFDi proper account thinks I am just some random dude...not the guy who bought my poor 717.  But, I thought, I can still submit a blessed ticket asking for help, right?  So, after logging in, I clicked something that said something about submitting tickets.  Yes!  Website then asked me to enter my email and password.  "Weird" I thought again, since I am already logged in, but OK...after all, I *just* created this everloving password, right? No problem. I entered the password.  Website then said my password is wrong.  I tried again.  No.  Again.  No.  I emit a silent scream (wife sleeping).  Then everything went black.




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I am really sorry that your initial experience of using the aircraft is sub-par of both the expections of yourself and us.

Orbx does communicate with the TFDi Design website which will create an account with us (as that is how our DRM and licencing works). That being said, you *should*, under normal circumstances, receive an email from us with credentials to access accounts.

Unfortunately, you have been using our systems during an email outage which is being communicated in our Discord (https://tfdidesign.com/chat) and on our Status Page: (https://status.tfdicorp.com/). Emails are likely not all being sent in time, causing issues with original order information and we can only apologise for the confusion and inconvenience.

In terms of accessing the support system, it is an external application so credentials are not shared between the two systems, therefore requiring a separate account to access the helpdesk during this ongoing issue. We are hopeful that we can have the email system working soon, and we will continue to update everyone in Discord.

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