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Integrate more airport names

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It seems PACX crew can only announce US airports. It would be nice if at least all major airports in the world would be part of the vocabulary, but it seems that Paris and Frankfurt are completely unknown to the PACX crew. A crew would never say we fly to France on a flight from Frankfurt to Nice.

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PACX does announce many non-US airports. For example, Heathrow and Gatwick are announced by their names, however we cannot include the sound file for every single airport, as this would be time consuming and inefficient. If PACX can say the country instead, it will say the name, otherwise it will say "Your Destination" instead.

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Is there a way to integrate airport names ????

I fly from Reunion Island (where I live)

to many places in Indian Ocean and Africa

There should be a way for users to add names

This is a suggestion Could tou make that ????

Software is great Just tired to land to fly at your destination

all the time

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