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717 steering problem still



I created this post 2 times this year (early 2020) . Colin was talking to me directly thru email . I haven’t flown this aircraft since September 2020. I updated it today and flew it STILL suffering from the steering problem ONLY after I land . Using P3D v4.5 HF3. Plane is jerking hard left like a locked Jack screw and my yoke is full right and it’s barely goin right . I have to stop thrust, than start thrust and fight it to Barely move 50-100’ than have to apply brakes come to full stop and start over again in order to make it to gate. This problem doesn’t happen when I taxi for departure . It’s been a persistent problem since 2019. I have no FSUIPC and use my yoke for auto rudder (no pedals used) . Only happens after I land . It starts immediately once speed is under 25kts after landing than veers hard left 

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