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Missing Airports Thread

Fabio Almeida

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The world is constantly changing, and PACX is often missing airports that have been recently opened or built in the real world. This thread is meant to be used for users (that's you!) to tell us of any airports that you have found to be missing in PACX. We expect to have the following data from any requests we receive to add airports:

  • Ident - This is the identifier of the airport, usually a 4 letter combination which is unique to the specific airport
  • Name - This is the name of the airport
  • Latitude and longitude - These are the co-ordinates of the airport. You can usually find these co-ordinates via a mapping tool online
  • Elevation - This is the field elevation of the airport from the mean sea level in feet.
  • Continent - This is the continent of the airport. There are six continent codes, which are: NA (North America), SA (South America), EU (Europe), AF (Africa), AS (Asia), OC (Oceanic)
  • Country - This is the country code. This is the 2 letter country code. Most two letter country codes can be found on this website: https://www.iban.com/country-codes
  • Region - This is an optional field, usually used with United States Airports to separate each state.
  • Municipality - This is an optional field, this is the city the airport is located in.

Below we will have a list of airports that are in the process of being added to PACX:

  • YBSU
  • OPIS
  • OPKC
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The first two WADY and WAPP are missing and needs to be added, while WIJB and WIJJ just needs to their ICAO to be fixed since the government changed .


Ident Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Continent Country Region Municipality Comment
WADY Bandar Udara Banyuwangi -8.31 114.340278 124 AS ID ID-JI Blimbingsari New
WAPP Pattimura Airport -3.710264 128.089136 33 AS ID ID-MU Ambon New
WIJB Muara Bungo Airport -2.162199974 106.1389999 109 AS ID ID-BB Muara Bungo Fix ICAO From WIPI
WIJJ Sultan Thaha Airport 1.63802 103.643997 82 AS ID ID-JA Jambi Fix ICAO From WIPA
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Table Explanation
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  Gazipasa (LTFG)





Country or Area Code:



126 ft

Magnetic declination:

5.4° East

Transition altitude:

15,000 ft

Sunrise and sunset:

2:03 AM, 5:36 PM UTC
(civil twilight, simulator date)


36° 18' 0.00" N 32° 18' 6.00" E

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On 2/26/2021 at 11:43 AM, bigga345 said:


Name: Jorge Chavez International Airport

Elevation: 112′

-12.023481000388944, -77.11386332820047

Peru, South america 

This one is still missing.

Edit: I found it under its previous ICAO which is SPIM

Edited by Ryan L
additional info
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