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Airline Dispatching



Allow for a special events flight to be manually dispatched by the airline, rather than by the pilot, with the optional use of an acars chat system directly with company dispatch.


I had been listening to some podcasts in relation to dispatching. As a dispatcher, you take the same operational control as the pilots. Some VAs like to push realism, but dont always have the tools to do it. for special events, it makes sense that a VA would want to "dispatch" their flights, since they probably already coordinated with ATC. Integrate this with simbrief, For instance, the pilot logs into the sim and acars, and loads the flight. The airline despatcher will begin a series of checks from their end that you flight is properly configured. Dispatch can preload a set weight and fuel, pilot can confirm, and if both are happy, the flight is cleared. Routes in the future can be pre-cleared by the airline with a planned event, leaving the pilot to just setup and push the plane, all the preflight planning mostly done by the VA. add some extra features like no Talks, and automatic equipment issue reporting to immediately get a dispatcher in contact with pilots having issues. 

in review

A dispatch system Primarily meant for training/event flights to give VAs the option to take more operational control when/where needed, and pilots an expedited pre-flight.


Also, Quick Links for Aircraft QRH, and Checklists.(VA provided via links)

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