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ILS Frequency Mismatch and Capture Issues


I had an issue with the ILS and approach mode flying the 717 on my P3d v5 installation for the first time yesterday. I planned a flight from KATL to KBOS and pre selected the JFK.ROBUC3 arrival with an approach of ILS 4R (I4R) in my MCDU. The first odd thing I noticed was on descent when I was going over my arrival/approach. I proceeded to the NAV RAD page in the MCDU in order to enter the ILS frequency and course. For runway 4R at Boston Logan the approach plate shows the identifier as "IBOS", frequency as "110.3" and final course of "035". On the NAV RAD page I entered "110.3/035" and inserted it into the "ILS/CRS" field on the left side. When the ILS/CRS was inserted however, the identifier on the page resolved to display "ILQN" instead of the expected "IBOS". After doing some research on the approach plates for other runways the opposite end of 4R runway 22L shares the same frequency of "110.3" and has an identifier of "ILQN". I continued my decent to see what would occur.

My second issue with the ILS arose during the approach phase of the flight. With the MCDU still displaying "ILQN' as the ILS identifier, I attempted to use the "APPR/LAND" function of the autopilot. I selected this function and confirmed a "LAND ARMED" message appeared at the top of my PFD. Upon continuing the approach I did receive the magenta diamond localizer and glide slope indicators to the bottom and right of the attitude indicator. However, the auto pilot was still stuck in the "LAND ARM" mode even though the magenta diamond was showing perfect line up for the localizer. After a short while as expected the glide slope diamond started to move down the scale. Once it reached the center of the scale though the autopilot did not capture the ILS. Still displaying the "LAND ARMED" message at the top of the PFD, the diamond continued to move down towards the bottom of the scale. At this point I had to disengage autopilot and fly the remainder of the approach manually.

I have seen other posts on the forums about this issue but none seemed to provide any work around or resolutions. Has anyone else been experiencing odd issues with ILS and autoland?


Prepar3D V5 Version:
TFDi Design 717 Version:

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