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vRam Usage

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Hello! I know there are a LOT of posts on this form about the vRAM usage in P3D with the B717. I have looked though many of them with great insight. With the recommendations, I have made these changes so far:


Switched to Legacy Panels 

Reduced Global Settings

Replaced with 2K textures

Turned off RealLight and RealTextures

Reduced textures from Active Sky Cloud Art

Registry Fix

Updated all GPU drivers


After these changes, I did notice a small boost in performance, but I still can not use the aircraft at a lot of custom airports (scenery) due to a sim crash (saw spike in vRAM) or a Device Error Hung error. I am really enjoying the B717 so far and would love to continue using it. Any advice to help reduce vRAM usage in this aircraft would be much appreciated! Here are some of my other product addons I use:



ASCA (low settings)






ENVSHADE (low settings)


Hardware I currently use:


ASUS - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super 8GB GDDR6 PCI Express 3.0

Intel - Core i7-10700 10th Generation 8-Core - 16-Thread 2.9 GHz (4.8 GHz Turbo)


I tend to average around 6.5 <-> 7.1 GB available +of vRAM in the sim. When I am in the aircraft, I average 5.7 <-> 6.5 before the spike which causes the sim crash and error.


In addition, after replacing the panels with the legacy panels, the cockpit lighting include flood lighting does not appear. I am assuming this could also be since I turned off RealLight. Is there any fix to this also?


Any help to fix these issues would be extremely helpful and much appreciated!


Thank you,


Skyler Kennedy

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For the lighting to work you will need to have Real Light enabled. Apart from the above mentioned fixes you have already done I would recommend.

Turning of Enhanced Atmospherics and Godrays (If not already)

Reduce P3D textures to 1024

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