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The PACX plug-in is particularly useful for me, but it does not seem to have simplified Chinese. Will you consider adding Chinese language support in future versions? It does not need to be built into the program, and the method of reading external translation files can be used, which also facilitates the independent localization of the files.

In addition, can the voice file that supports voice interaction be a wav file? I hope that localized voice can be used for broadcasting. The built-in file is in swv format. Can the program support reading swv and wav? -From Google Translate, please forgive me for translation errors

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We are working on an update that adds more languages and voices to PACX. As far as the user interface goes, we might consider adding other languages as well, but at the moment we're focusing on the voices.

The files are proprietary to protect the files from being copied and used in other programs, though we may consider adding the ability to create your own voice pack. It is currently too early in the development stage to tell however, as we are developing tools to aid us in developing the next update for PACX.

Stay tuned for more updates, as they will come out!

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8 hours ago, arwasairl said:

我们正在开发为 PACX 添加更多语言和声音的更新。就用户界面而言,我们可能也会考虑添加其他语言,但目前我们专注于声音。

这些文件是专有的,以防止文件被复制和在其他程序中使用,但我们可能会考虑添加创建自己的语音包的功能。然而,目前尚处于开发阶段还为时过早,因为我们正在开发工具来帮助我们开发 PACX 的下一个更新。


tanks! i love your team !!!!

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