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WX & Terrain Radar




I know that this very question was asked some time ago, but that particular thread is now locked.

I too wish to ask whether weather and terrain radar functionality are (1) ALREADY implemented, or (2) planned for the MSFS variant?

Your previous answer was non-specific, and might have referred to the P3D platforms rather than MSFS.

I ask because there have been well documented issues with WASM and external data sources, so I’d like to be certain of the status.

Admittedly, I am somewhat focused on radar functionality, but I guess that weather depiction in current platforms, especially MSFS, is so realistic that radars, for me at least, are must have features.



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We are only ambiguous with our answers so as to not promise anything we can't do towards the end of development.

As far as development goes for now, MSFS is more limited in terms of it's SDK compared to it's P3D counterpart, however when programming externally the possibilities are opened a lot further. One major component to that is the MSFS marketplace, as they do not allow externals to be used in any marketplace product, so until that changes, we may not sell the product on the marketplace so that we are not limited to the SDK only.

I cannot directly say if the weather radar has already been implemented, but what I can say is that yes, MSFS's weather radar capabilities are little too limited to be useful enough for us to create an accurate depiction (as is probably well known by now). And there really isn't any weather API (at least not in the traditional sense) however a dedicated weather API is scheduled to be implemented during this year; no specifics were given and we'll just have to see if it comes out before we finish the MD-11.

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Thank you, I’ll wait before purchasing until system functionality is assured.

for the record, I didn’t mean to offend by using the word ambiguous, it’s just that the answer was non specific, leaving readers unable to draw conclusions.

Many customers, I am sure, will limit themselves to the market place for whatever reason. On the other hand, those who don’t need to might ultimately have more system fidelity. 

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Title: WX & Terrain Radar
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