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HUD not appearing when using Windows 11


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When I was still on Windows 10, and using Pacx version, the HUD still works as expected. But as soon as I install Win 11 around June 2021, and using the same Pacx version, the HUD doesn't work. I know this is a compatibility issue with Windows 11 because the same PACX version was working in Windows 10, but it's no longer working in Windows 11, so I leave it as is and I continue to use PACX without HUD.

Basically when I run Pacx and start the flight, the HUD sometimes appear at the bottom of my screen for a few seconds, then it disappears, never to be seen again. Pressing the hotkey to show/hide hud also doesn't work. And sometimes it doesn't even appear at all from the start.

Now after Pacx has an update to the latest version, I was hoping this HUD issue was fixed by then since Windows 11 would have been in common for almost a year and that's plenty of time for this issue to be noticed. But apparently, the HUD is still missing in the latest PACX version with Windows 11.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Install Windows 11.
  2. Install MSFS on Windows 11.
  3. Install FSUIPC on Windows 11.
  4. Install PACX on Windows 11.
  5. Start the flight on MSFS and PACX on Windows 11.
  6. Notice the HUD might appear for a few seconds and disappear, or never appear at all.
  7. Pressing the hotkey to show/hide the HUD doesn't respond to anything.

I hope this can be resolved soon, I've been using PACX for the last 11 months without HUD being usable.

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