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Remote Access of the IFE


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Dear all,

I am currently on my first flight using PACX. So far the start has been wonderful and PACX appears to be a great product from what I have seen.

I've just got one minor question regarding the IFE. I am running my main PC and a laptop on the same wifi network. During cruise, the laptop mostly sits idle as I mainly use it preflight and during climb and appoach for displaying METARS, charts etc (I should really use it more to work on my master thesis but thats another topic... 🙈).

Since the IFE opens in a browser window would it be possible to access the IFE from the laptop even without the remote installation? Since the laptop I use is a Macbook the remote installation isn't an option here. Running it remotely would add quite a lovely feature for those running a second computer without having the remote installtion.

Maybe there's a quick option and if not - it's a great product nonetheless!

Best regards!

Paul L.




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