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Expected vs Scheduled Arrivals


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Quick question, if anyone knows...

If I announce we are ahead of schedule, the expected arrival time changes accordingly. Now if I arrive after the NEW expected arrival, but still before the original scheduled, does PacX see that as 'late'?

Original Scheduled Arr: 12:30
New Expected arrival (early departure, maybe): 12:10
Actual Arrival time: 12:20

How does this affect Satisfaction levels? If it's reported as late, there's really no reason to ever announce to the passengers that you're ahead of schedule. You're just setting yourself up for failure lol.


Thanks, all.

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Hey! Welcome to the forums!

We've considered this internally and PACX would consider this as late. This is because you have announced to the crew and the passengers that the flight is ahead, which is considered a timetable change. If passengers then arrive later than the new schedule, it is still considered late.

Hope that helps!

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