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Here is an idea i had that would be really great, no other software like this has this.



Ok so in the real world some times you have a flight lets say from Boston To lets say Los Angeles,  and some flights are direct flights, and some have stops lets say Boston to Dallas
Then From Dallas Continue on To  Los Angeles, Pacx, should be able to have that option when you start a flight, saying your departure, then your first arrival, then your final Arrival.
This Would be realistic, reason some flights do this is well some times they make more money to take people from Boston to Dallas, And then also pick up some people from Dallas to  Los Angeles, and also to refuel as well to keep the weight down as well. so if Pacx could simulate that, this would be great, some passengers you loaded at the start, are going to Dallas, And some get off and then more gets on to get to  Los Angeles, when you continue on, you could also have the time your stop is at your stop before you continue on to your final destination. 
Any Way is this something that could be considered to add to Pacx in your next update?
I think this would be a great feature to add and also add to the realism..



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While I understand the idea you're trying to give, when you touch down and start deboarding the plane, that flight has concluded. You would need to submit a new flight plan, and you would have a new callsign. This means that having a continuous flight with 2 separate destinations is not possible.

We have a setting which allows you to signal to the crew that there is a continuing flight and they will dialogue as such. Hope that explains our stance on it.

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