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Start Smartcars2 flight for floatplanes


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I dont know, if anybody is still working on SC2?!

Since we have Floatplanes in MSFS, there is a big problem with SC.

Its really difficult to start a SC-Flight since the aircraft needs to be stationary.

But even with props on feather, the aircraft often is not stationary. I need to switch off the engine.

But for turbine aircraft then I need to wait a long time, before I can restart the engine without overheating.


My question: is there any chance for a little hotfix to SC2, that I can start the flight at any speed below 10kt?


And mybe if possible:
when I start my takeoff run and the aircraft lifts of and touches down again (thats a very common incident for floatplanes), then SC say "Flight ended".
If possible SC should wait 60 seconds after takeoff, before it can go to the "landing state".

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Title: Start Smartcars2 flight for floatplanes
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