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Hello all,
There is a new Air Berlin Virtual Airline. We are Virtual Air Berlin, we (to date) are the most modern Air Berlin VA in the the virtual airline community. 
Here at Virtual Air Berlin we simulate the operations of our real world counterpart, the official Air Berlin. At Virtual Air Berlin you can have competition between fellow pilots on day to day operations by checking out the leaderboard and rankings. We are a warm and friendly airline, where you can socialize with other pilots on our Teamspeak and forums to learn new things regarding aviation to develop your flight knowledge. 
At Virtual Air Berlin, we have our custom coded points system built in to our PIREP system which allows you to fly and earn money towards redeeming flight sim products from our partners Aerosoft, UK2000, and TFDi Designs. 
We are currently implementing real world schedules and aircraft to add to the realism that you will find here at Virtual Air Berlin.
If you are interested, sign up today at !

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