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0.18.0-alpha (30 November 2023)

  • [ADDED] Restriction and time display on ND in DATA mode
  • [ADDED] TFDi Design house livery
  • [ADDED] PROG page functionality
  • [FIXED] Landing weight always showing in pounds on APPR page
  • [FIXED] Digital/analog standby setting not saving
  • [FIXED] Flight plan using block fuel, not UFOB
  • [FIXED] EFOB not setting properly on certain legs
  • [FIXED] PROF targeting altitude above cruise under some conditions
  • [FIXED] Cruise altitude showing as "-99/-99..." on INIT page at times
  • [FIXED] Visual reversal of ailerons
  • [FIXED] RCWS attempting to control aircraft without valid data
  • [FIXED] Resetting of speed/altitude predictions on departure runway/airport
  • [FIXED] Inability to unmask FCP values in FMS-controlled modes
  • [FIXED] Invalid airport elevation being entered as a PROF target
  • [FIXED] Misuse of certain variables in flight plan calculations
  • [FIXED] T/C and T/D predictions when they are adjacent
  • [FIXED] Time prediction for FIX intercepts
  • [FIXED] FMS SPD FCP edit behavior
  • [FIXED] Pushing FMS SPD button not resetting FMS SPD mode to ECON
  • [FIXED] Fuel valves defaulting to on in every scenario
  • [FIXED] Invalid calculations on certain abstract waypoints
  • [FIXED] Display of data around VECTOR or DISCONTINUITY on FPLN and DIR INTC page
  • [FIXED] Missing dot in airplane symbol on ND
  • [FIXED] Missing radar settings box on ND
  • [FIXED] T/P waypoint not receiving valid ATO value
  • [FIXED] NO LOC always showing in amber
  • [FIXED] AFS speed selection not starting at FMS SPD correctly when editing
  • [FIXED] CAWS altitude alerts occurring at wrong altitude
  • [FIXED] Predictions of 0 or other incorrect values surrounding arrival
  • [FIXED] Incorrect usage of distance field causing prediction issues
  • [FIXED] Wildly inaccurate fuel predictions
  • [FIXED] Prediction behavior surrounding discontinuities
  • [FIXED] Cruise legs not getting an ETE
  • [FIXED] ETE calculations
  • [FIXED] T/C and T/D not having proper predictions
  • [FIXED] DIR INTO and FPLN time display
  • [CHANGED] Antiskid is now on by default
  • [CHANGED] Panel states redone to fix issues with previous version


0.15.0-alpha (24 November 2023)

  • [ADDED] SimBrief integration within the EFB
  • [ADDED] Fix Data in FMS
  • [ADDED] IRS alignment time option
  • [ADDED] Working FIX INFO intercept/abeam behavior
  • [ADDED] Captain and FO timer functionality
  • [ADDED] Ability to disable hardware over-forcing the AP
  • [FIXED] MAINT SD page having two pages
  • [FIXED] Various timer/chrono related behaviors
  • [FIXED] Early localizer capture (again)
  • [FIXED] Analog standby altitude readouts
  • [FIXED] Transponder can now be toggled between Mode A and C
  • [FIXED] Annunciator light test no longer causes inaccurate conditions post test in the overhead
  • [FIXED] Enroute timer using minute readouts after 60 minutes
  • [FIXED] Aileron input being blocked after attempting to correct
  • [FIXED] Gross weight on SD now updates with fuel burn
  • [FIXED] T/D predictions overwriting the waypoint before T/C when T/C and T/D are adjacent
  • [FIXED] Some engine indications appearing when EEC was unpowered
  • [FIXED] Destination airport not having appropriate elevation data
  • [FIXED] PPOS not being reset/removed by DIR TO
  • [FIXED] Gross weight displaying too much accuracy on SD
  • [FIXED] EFB not releasing keyboard and mouse input
  • [FIXED] Starter cutting out at 60% N1
  • [FIXED] RCWS incorrectly limiting input during over-bank situations
  • [FIXED] Various lights still remaining on after annunciator test
  • [FIXED] WBS system displaying values when gear is not on the ground
  • [FIXED] Gross weight not updating throughout flight (again)
  • [FIXED] Cruise altitude change not triggering NAV/PROF prediction update
  • [CHANGED] Start valves now close at 45% N1 instead of 60% N1 for GE engines
  • [CHANGED] EFB no longer presents incorrect CG and ZFWCG


0.13.0-alpha (18 November 2023)

  • [FIXED] Mach indicator displaying behind speed bugs
  • [FIXED] Minimums knob not switching between BARO and RA
  • [FIXED] Scratchpad resetting erroneously
  • [FIXED] Incorrect visual behavior of upper and lower symbol for BETWEEN altitude restrictions
  • [FIXED] Unreasonably low fuel consumption
  • [FIXED] L0 alerts starting from top of column 3 on EAD
  • [FIXED] Options being saved/set in panel states
  • [FIXED] Spoilers not deploying at main gear spinup
  • [FIXED] PFD incorrectly rounding dial-a-flap settings causing visual mismatch
  • [FIXED] Inability to reset minimums
  • [FIXED] Standby IAS indicator showing wrong airspeed
  • [FIXED] GE, GR, and SE bugs not respecting mach equivalents
  • [FIXED] Gross weight not updating throughout flight
  • [FIXED] FCC not requiring power
  • [FIXED] Autobrake EIS message causing master caution and appearing on EAD
  • [FIXED] Unreasonably high IRU residual ground speed
  • [FIXED] Automatic seatbelt and no smoking behavior not matching real world reference
  • [FIXED] Overlapping text when entering 5 airways
  • [FIXED] Various PFD visual items
  • [FIXED] Display of "NO GS" text
  • [FIXED] Localizer capturing outside of regional deviation
  • [FIXED] ENG SD not displaying certain data correctly
  • [FIXED] Landing weight display
  • [CHANGED] Last state is now saved on a per-registration basis
  • [CHANGED] Updated GDIPlus libraries to latest MSFS SDK version


0.12.0-alpha (14 November 2023)

  • [ADDED] Transponder state, mode, traffic range, and ident code (not yet linked to online networks)
  • [ADDED] G/A button function
  • [FIXED] Jetways entering fuselage
  • [FIXED] Crash during descent/approach with no upcoming legs
  • [FIXED] Speed protection occurring too often and too early
  • [FIXED] Fuel used and fuel flow values displaying in incorrect units
  • [FIXED] Inability to load cargo on F models
  • [FIXED] Reversed wind display
  • [FIXED] Wind vector setting not properly adjusting to the setting
  • [FIXED] Incorrect parsing of input on POS INIT
  • [FIXED] Flight plan scroll resetting too often
  • [FIXED] Airway leg lookup logic
  • [FIXED] Airway insertion occurring at wrong location in flight plan
  • [FIXED] V1 and VR causing flight plan recalculation
  • [FIXED] Incorrect response from F-PLN page when erasing or inserting certain waypoints
  • [FIXED] Crash when clicking past the end of the flight plan
  • [FIXED] Approach names not showing up correctly under some conditions
  • [FIXED] Freeze when advancing throttles with a flight plan
  • [CHANGED] Revised speed protection logic
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