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We have decided to Sunset the Forums due to a lack of utilization, as of the 15th of December 2023 users will no longer be able to create new forum posts or comment on existing ones. The Forums will be switched off completely on March 1st 2024.

After careful consideration and monitoring of community activities, we have decided to transition from our current forum platform to Discord for community interaction. This decision is driven by the evolving nature of online communication and the observed decline in forum usage among our community members.

What factors have brought about this decision:
There are a few reasons that have helped drive us to this decision:

User Engagement:
Despite our efforts to maintain an active forum, we have observed a decline in user engagement. Discord offers features such as instant messaging, voice channels, and notifications that better align with the preferences of our community members, encouraging increased participation.

Trends in Communication:
We have noticed a significant shift in how our community prefers to communicate. Discord is a dynamic and real-time platform, allowing quicker and more immediate interactions than traditional forums.

Mobile Accessibility:
Discord's mobile app facilitates on-the-go communication, enabling members to stay connected and engaged with the community from their mobile devices. This aligns with the increasing trend of mobile-centric communication preferences and our commitment to innovation.

What will happen to the content:
User content will remain read-only until we officially remove the Forums in March 2024. As for content created by us, this will be moved into the Client Area of your account and any documentation will be moving to https://docs.invernyx.com. We expect to have the data migration completed by the 22nd of December in time for the Holiday break.

How do I join Discord:
You can join our Discord server by going to https://tfdidesign.com/chat and be sure to link your account once you are in the server!

Luke | Community Manager

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