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smartCARS 2: Change Log


Recommended Posts (16 September 2021)

General Update

  • [ADDED] Additional media functionality (2 January 2020)

Compatibility Update

  • [FIXED] Incorrect filtering of flights under certain conditions
  • [FIXED] Blank label on ACARS tab (15 November 2019)

Compatibility Update

  • [ADDED] POSCON to online networks list
  • [FIXED] Incorrect ETA calculation under certain circumstances
  • [LANGUAGE] Added "flying_on_poscon" string (2 October 2019)

Compatibility Update

  • [ADDED] Support for PACX FlightConfiguration.xml export (27 September 2017)

Maintence Update

  • [FIXED] Bounce/liftoff during landing detection logic (1 April 2017)

April 2017 Maintence Update

  • [FIXED] Returned Jack Sparrow to Davy Jones' Locker (1 April 2017)

April 2017 Update

  • [ADDED] Support for Offshore Excursions (Arrgh Matey) (28 January 2017)

Maintenance Update

  • [ADDED] Support for absolute (non-frame.php) web script URLs
  • [FIXED] Inability to search PIREPS or flights to or from an airport with a three character ICAO code (3 November 2016)

Maintenance Update

  • [FIXED] Occasional crash during certain UI operations (6 September 2016)

Maintenance Update

  • [FIXED] Potential performance degradation due to a sound engine bug
  • [FIXED] Potential crash due to a sound engine bug (5 June 2016)

Hotfix for the radio now playing system

  • [CHANGED] Reduced refresh rate of currently playing song on the radio (4 June 2016)

Radio compatibility update

  • [CHANGED] Updated "Now Playing" API format
  • [LANGUAGE] Removed "by" (12 May 2016)

Hotfix for freezing after login for some users

  • [FIXED] Occasional freezing after login (11 March 2016)

Hotfix for library related crashes

  • [CHANGED] Updated third party libraries to solve several crashes (16 February 2016)

Maintenance Update

  • [FIXED] Incorrect reporting of online networks (9 February 2016)

Maintenance Update

  • [ADDED] Option to include ground time in flight time calculations
  • [LANGUAGE] Added "flying_on_fscloud"
  • [LANGUAGE] Added "flying_on_pilotedge" (23 November 2015)

Maintenance Update

  • [FIXED] The "Cancel" button on the ACARS tab could become improperly disabled under some conditions
  • [CHANGED] Increased "landing away from destination" radius
  • [CHANGED] Altitude detected by smartCARS is now affected by QNH setting
  • [CHANGED] Premium and Chat server connections are now resolved by a unique DNS record (12 September 2015)

Hotfix for Windows Media Player related crashes

  • [FIXED] Missing/corrupt Windows Media Player libraries can no longer crash smartCARS (30 July 2015)

Maintenance Update and Mobile Compatibility Improvements

  • [ADDED] Pitch and bank parameters to abnormal flight prevention
  • [FIXED] An issue that could send the sim monitoring thread into an abandoned state
  • [FIXED] Erroneous engine logging
  • [FIXED] FSUIPC multi-thread access caused corrupted memory
  • [FIXED] An issue that caused the "Reconnect" button on the "ACARS" tab to be available when it shouldn't be
  • [FIXED] An issue that caused smartCARS to incorrectly warn about scenario variance after a simulator disconnect
  • [CHANGED] The abnormal flight prevention now indicates what condition caused a pause
  • [CHANGED] All log items are reported with 24 hour UTC time when sent to the virtual airline
  • [CHANGED] Improved WebRequest reliability
  • [LANGUAGE] Changed "lblpremiummobile' value by removing "(Now in Beta)"
  • [LANGUAGE] Added "prm_sim_paused_heading_deviation", "prm_sim_paused_stall", "prm_sim_paused_overspeed", "prm_sim_paused_clb_desc_alt_deviation", "prm_sim_paused_cruise_alt_deviation", "prm_sim_paused_gear", "prm_sim_paused_flap", "prm_sim_paused_engine", and "prm_sim_paused_pitch_bank" (6 July 2015)

The final hotfix for smartCARS 2.1 to fix crashing and PIREP filing issues

  • [FIXED] Timeout times were too high
  • [FIXED] Some WebRequest resources were not released properly
  • [FIXED] Updated dependency DLLs to fix crashing
  • [FIXED] Premium data stream did not work after the first flight
  • [CHANGED] Improved chat disconnection code
  • [CHANGED] Improved Premium data socket safety
  • [CHANGED] smartCARS not being the active window now serves as a criteria for notification sounds
  • [CHANGED] Removed PIREP filing debug logging (4 July 2015)

smartCARS 2.1 hotfix

  • [FIXED] Chat consumed excessive memory when reconnecting
  • [FIXED] PIREP filing error handlers displayed the wrong message boxes
  • [CHANGED] WebRequest resources are cleaned up better
  • [CHANGED] PIREP filing creates extensive debug logging
  • [CHANGED] Reduced web request timeout time
  • [CHANGED] The simulator tracking thread creates log entries upon completion
  • [LANGUAGE] Removed "btnchatconnect" (1 July 2015)

Hotfix to add backward compatibility for airlines that failed to update their web scripts

  • [CHANGED] Login web request now sends backward compatibility flag again (1 July 2015)
Hotfix for

  • [FIXED] Clicking "View Details" on the PIREP displayed an empty page (29 June 2015)

The official smartCARS 2.1 release

  • [ADDED] Abnormal flight detection and avoidance system
  • [ADDED] Generate Load button
  • [ADDED] Option to select what region the map centers around by default
  • [ADDED] Message boxes to show if a pilot's account is inactive or unconfirmed
  • [ADDED] Option to enable/disable peripheral control of the radio
  • [ADDED] X-Plane support to smartCARS Premium (requires the version of XPUIPC available from our downloads library)
  • [ADDED] Support for the "system notification" sound event
  • [FIXED] Buttons on the settings tab not honoring theme switching
  • [FIXED] Various issues relating to translations
  • [FIXED] Internal messages were logged in the flight log
  • [FIXED] Translations not loading properly for any text shown before the splash form
  • [FIXED] Random cargo load generation
  • [FIXED] The 10000 and 18000 feet callouts not working
  • [FIXED] The chat could not be copied from
  • [FIXED] The chat text box didn't support copy and paste
  • [FIXED] Some message boxes displayed the wrong icon
  • [FIXED] Chat buttons didn't have mouse effects
  • [FIXED] smartCARS Premium did not properly restore in-air/on-ground information
  • [FIXED] Clicking a Premium (mobile) user's name in the chat didn't properly initialize the user management popup
  • [FIXED] The flight progress bar animation on the "ACARS" tab stopped early
  • [FIXED] Textbox placeholder content was sometimes sent as a value
  • [FIXED] Conditions where the "Finish" (flight) button was available before it should be after restarting tracking
  • [CHANGED] Redesigned Premium page
  • [CHANGED] All executables are now signed
  • [CHANGED] Added additional log file information
  • [CHANGED] The map will now refresh when the MAP tab is activated
  • [CHANGED] Improved version detection
  • [CHANGED] Improved web request reliability
  • [CHANGED] VFRE events now indicate aircraft roll as left or right, not negative or positive
  • [CHANGED] The chat now supports non-ASCII characters
  • [CHANGED] Chat context menu position was improved
  • [CHANGED] Improved chat reliability
  • [LANGUAGE] Added "account_inactive", "account_unavailable", "cboxsettingsplaypauseradiowithkeyboard", "airline_users", "vfre_preflight_started", "account_unconfirmed", "right", "left", "level", "degrees", "btngenerateload", "map_region_def", "antarctica", "north_america", "south_america", "africa", "australia", "europe", "asia", "vfre_flying"
  • [LANGUAGE] Changed "chat_temp_banned" to "user_temp_banned" and changed its content
  • [LANGUAGE] Changed "txbchatmessagetosend" to "txbchatmessage"
  • [LANGUAGE] Changed "btnprivatemessage" to "btnopenconversation"
  • [LANGUAGE] Changed the content of "private_conversations", "user_kicked", "btnpermban", "user_banned"
  • [LANGUAGE] Changed "pm_placeholder" to "pc_placeholder"
  • [LANGUAGE] Changed "privatemessageschatbutton" to "privateconversationsbutton" and changed its content
  • [LANGUAGE] Removed "lang_banned", "server", "chat_sec_failed", "chat_api_outdated"
  • [LANGUAGE] Added "prm_sim_paused" (31 March 2015)

Maintenance Update

  • [FIXED] Map reloading was unreliable (31 March 2015)

Maintenance Update

  • [FIXED] Incorrect time detection causing the wrong time-of-day based sound to play
  • [CHANGED] Gear and flaps log events are now recorded in radio altitude
  • [CHANGED] Improved map efficiency
  • [LANGUAGE] Changed "vfre_flaps_set_in_air" value to use the new radio altitude macro, "##RADALT##"
  • Language Changed "vfre_gear_lowered_in_air" and "vfre_gear_raised_in_air" value to use the new radio altitude macro, "##RADALT##" (16 March 2015)

Feature Release

  • [ADDED] Official translation support (22 February 2015)

Maintenance Update

  • [FIXED] When tracking a flight, other Windows applications would respond improperly to mouse interaction (21 February 2015)

Maintenance Update

  • [FIXED] A piece of language data was incorrectly sent to the chat system
  • [FIXED] Negative fuel causing "fuel increased" message
  • [FIXED] Flight time counting while smartCARS wasn't actively tracking a flight
  • [CHANGED] Improved WebRequest relaibility
  • [CHANGED] Added support for enhanced web security (6 February 2015)

Maintenance Update

  • [CHANGED] Improved the "Now Playing" system resulting in drastically lower traffic to the content source (6 February 2015)

Maintenance Update

  • [ADDED] Support for BB code in the welcome message viewer
  • [FIXED] Pilot database ID (dbid) was not sent with the "getairport" and "getaircraft" WebRequest
  • [CHANGED] WebRequest responses now have white space trimmed from the start and end
  • [CHANGED] The welcome message viewer no longer responds to browser shortcuts (27 January 2015)

Maintenance Update

  • [ADDED] A configuration file entry to enable script error display for debugging
  • [FIXED] WebRequest's aren't properly closed
  • [FIXED] Position report distance remaining is not rounded
  • [CHANGED] Improved the wording of the dialog that opens when smartCARS cannot connect to the simulator (22 January 2015)

Maintenance Update

  • [FIXED] The smartCARS suspended license notice has '\r\n\r\n' in the middle of the message.
  • [FIXED] When the sound engine pauses a sound, CPU usage dramatically increases
  • [FIXED] Chat notification sounds do not ignore sound engine pause
  • [FIXED] Premium flight backups don't remember the state of the "Finish" button
  • [CHANGED] Improved the maintenance mode message wording
  • [CHANGED] Decreased FSUIPC interaction frequency (16 January 2015)

Maintenance Update

  • [FIXED] Initial debug log item was lost
  • [FIXED] The COM service was initialized improperly (15 January 2015)

Maintenance Update

  • [FIXED] An issue with the login system preventing users without remembered sessions from logging in (15 January 2015)

Maintenance Update

  • [FIXED] Data parse error messages display incorrect specifics in some cases
  • [FIXED] Unhandled exception caused by not having any available aircraft
  • [FIXED] Aircraft required rank wasn't honor during bid retrieval or flight search
  • [FIXED] The flight progress bar animation displays incorrectly
  • [CHANGED] Improved and cleaned up debugger logging slightly (8 January 2015)

Maintenance Update

  • [ADDED] Maintenance mode option support
  • [FIXED] The aircraft improperly reported in some PIREPS
  • [FIXED] Clicking usernames in the chat open browser tabs
  • [FIXED] Private message notifications show HTML-stripped strings (7 January 2015)

Maintenance Update

  • [FIXED] Radio default state
  • [CHANGED] Improved radio control function (5 January 2015)

Maintenance Update

  • [FIXED] Radio system not working
  • [CHANGED] Chat script errors are now hidden
  • [CHANGED] Improved Authentication Server Error Logging (4 January 2015)

Maintenance Update

  • [FIXED] Landing rate not showing on early landing
  • [FIXED] Progress bar is the wrong color
  • [FIXED] An unhandled exception sometimes occurs when the chat cannot connect
  • [FIXED] The help link doesn't change color with the header color
  • [CHANGED] The chat system no longer responds to browser shortcuts
  • [CHANGED] Improved chat connect and reconnect system (2 January 2015)

Maintenance Update

  • [ADDED] Support for synced, concurrent sessions was added to the chat
  • [FIXED] Cruise detection not working properly in some cases
  • [FIXED] Route searches by aircraft yielded incorrect results in some cases
  • [FIXED] Chat scrolling sometimes positioned the view at the wrong location
  • [CHANGED] Chat now automatically scrolls only when at the bottom of the message window
  • [CHANGED] The chat now runs our node.js-powered Stratus Interface
  • [CHANGED] Conversation and user lists now have mouse effect for list items (27 December 2014)

Maintenance Update

  • [FIXED] Repaired the charter system
  • [FIXED] Aircraft reporting in position reports
  • [FIXED] Issue with the PIREP limit warning
  • [CHANGED] A PIREP search is no longer triggered during opening (23 December 2014)

Maintenance Update

  • [FIXED] The client now reports the full flight code and number, not just the number
  • [FIXED] Issue with in-app icon background color and minimize/close button color
  • [FIXED] Issue that caused the aircraft label on the ACARS tab to be hidden by another control
  • [FIXED] Issue preventing the charter system working for many users
  • [FIXED] Issue that caused aircraft not to be reported properly to virtual airline websites
  • [CHANGED] Improved the charter system's "Flight Number" system by changing it to ask for a "Numeric Flight ID" and clarifying any messages associated with it (22 December 2014)

Maintenance Update

  • [ADDED] Progress indicator and download information to the soundpack updater
  • [FIXED] Issue preventing the View PIREPS page from showing (20 December 2014)

Initial Release

  • [ADDED] Integrated charter system
  • [ADDED] Pilot center with a customizable welcome messages, PIREP viewer, and simple stats system
  • [ADDED] Integrated live flight map
  • [ADDED] smartCARS Premium, a system to allow pilots to extend their application experience
  • [ADDED] Menu system for private messaging and user management in the chat
  • [ADDED] Web backend for customizations (for license administrators)
  • [CHANGED] Completely re-imagined user interface
  • [CHANGED] Improved data visibility and usability throughout the application
  • [CHANGED] Improved the radio system and added a system of displaying the current song
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