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  3. Texture Resolution is on Ultra. Max VC Texture is also set to 4096
  4. That definitely does seem off. What are the settings of your cockpit texture resolution in Prepar3D?
  5. Hey guys, I am just wondering if something is wrong with my installation: Settings: Is there a way to manually insert the textures?
  6. That's a smart solution for the announcements! Makes it possible to cover a large amount of destinations I guess Thanks for your replies! Good luck with development and looking forward to release! Counting the days till the end of the month here :')
  7. PACX has its own boarding simulation, so monitoring it may not be as practical. That said, writing to the GSX passenger count variable from PACX is definitely possible. I'll see about getting that added in. Regarding announcements, it aims for the specific airport first (there are only a few of those), then it'll try to find the city, then it'll go for the region (if possible).
  8. Thanks a lot for answering! Sounds great! I take it the announcement announces the state/region you're flying into and not the specific city then? At least in the US? For GSX I was thinking on giving the program the passenger count (which we could also send/import from Smartcars in the future I think?) and calling/monitoring passenger services and boarding progress.
  9. Hi there! I'll answer each of your questions in-line. Seatbelt sign: currently, it reads from the default seatbelt sign value, however, there is an option to manually adjust it should a third-party product not be compatible. We will also do our best to properly support these aircraft, but there is no guarantee that we can support them all. Regarding destinations: we currently have all 50 U.S. states, as well as over 100 various major cities/regions around the world. If your chosen destination isn't included in the current list, a generic variation of the announcement will be played. The ability to supply a custom .wav file for a safety video will be included in the initial release, yes. The announcement you hear will change based on this (if you have it selected, you will hear the flight attendant ask the passengers to direct their attention to the safety video). What sort of integration/support are you looking for from GSX? Thank you for the support!
  10. GerdD

    717 P3D4

    Was just correcting one bug introduced with Version but cannot find former discussion here about this anymore. Nothing substantial.
  11. Hello, With the release of PACX nearing very fast, I would like to ask some questions: - Will PACX respond to a changement of the seatbelt sign to trigger announcements? Will it read this value from third party aircraft (PMDG, Aerosoft,..)? - Regarding dynamic announcements of destination: I take it you have recorded an amount of destinations, could you elaborate on which cities/airports have been recorded and what will happen if the destination is not part of the recorded ones? And will the possibility to add custom safety videos be included in the original release this month? It would also be very nice if there would be some kind of database to download these from in the right format.. -Any chance for GSX integration regarding the boarding process? Thanks a lot and good luck with development! Counting the days to release!
  12. I can't see the change log for version since it ends at version Can someone point out the change log of the latest? Thanks.
  13. Last week
  14. Verygood!!! 😎👍 ✌️🙂 Thanks!
  15. Worked here, reinstalling for 4.5 Hotfix update... Thanks
  16. Search the interwebs for "717 fctm". Wouldn't be surprised if you found a full package of Delta docs.
  17. I will see about adding this! The text-portion of the interface already has the ability to display content like this, so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch.
  18. Good afternoon Robbie, At the moment, our software is only compatible with phpVMS legacy versions 2.x and 5.x, however it will work on FS9, FSX, P3D and XPlane 11. If you need to speak to someone via email, you can open a support ticket with us on our main website. Thanks, Josh
  19. The text portion would actually be realistic in a way! When there is a potential medical issue on board the FA fills out a form which she then slides under the cockpit door. Not sure what all the form has, but i do know it consists of age, gender, seat number, and symptoms. then capt calls medlink and reads off from the form. The reason i bring up the details or symptoms, is because that would obviously drive the decision to divert or not. 9.5/10 we don't divert. Pax can be having a stroke, seizure, or even pass away on the aircraft and we still don't divert. i could see maybe providing some in general details on whats happening to the pax and then simmer reference the portion of PACX that shows the gender and age. Seat number may be hard to generate unless PACX just generates some random seat number towards the front of the a/c and between letters A-D that all airplanes would have regardless of narrow/wide body and length of plane. Ex.a CRJ-200 has 13 rows with 2/2 config. so any seat number within 1-13 A-D should fit any aircraft. But anyways... lol
  20. Blake, At this moment, exact details aren’t provided, but we could add that. That’d definitely add a bit of depth to the simulation. Odds are, we’d use the text portion of the interface to disclose the exact details.
  21. Absolutely! Sounds great. Does the FA provide any details on the patient, some cases being more severe than others? Also, don’t know if you guys are looking for and beta testers, but if so I could definitely help. I jumpseat in the cockpit all the time and see first hand the announcements, when their made in correlation with the checklists etc. I also run just about any add on you can think of and would be able to help pinpoint if there are any specific adding that cause issues with PACX. Blake
  22. Hello, My airline is considering the switch we are wondering a few things How easy is the integration? We are running phpVMS and phpv7. Is it fully compatible with FS9? We still have dozens of pilots using this platform. Can I contact someone thru email as I have some more questions? Thanks Robbie
  23. It sounds like the issue is local to the VA, not with our software. If you can get the license owner to open up a ticket with us reporting the problem, we will be able to look into it!
  24. Hello, I am running the latest version of the 717 and for as long as I can remember (despite updates), I haven't been able to use it because whenever I try setting up the FMC, I get an "insufficient fuel" message in the scratchpad of the FMC as soon as I enter GW or ZFW. This occurs no matter how much fuel I have (even if I do a full load of fuel for a 30 minute flight, just to make sure), and means I am never able to generate a vertical profile for the flight. If I try taking off with TOGA, as soon as I am in the air and PROF becomes active, the auto flight system actually reduces my thrust to idle until I stall. Any ideas? This occurs regardless of my P3D version. I also get random crashes when setting up on the ground and I also want to point out that the insufficient fuel message does not pop up if the cockpit state is loaded from the "ready to start" option.
  25. Hi! I'd like to chime in too. Same VA, same problem. Reinstalling didn't solve the issue. Is there a workaround? Cheers, Pete
  26. As it may conflict with other addons (FSPassengers, virtual airline software, etc.), PACX will not have "tycoon" like career mode. That said, it will report and save your flights, which can be used in conjunction with other systems to get that experience. Regarding network support, yes. PACX can be used across a network.
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