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  3. Ginns

    Flight Schedules

    Very Interesting. Here is a link to our Lynx Domestic Flight Schedule. Most of the other flight schedules are similar. See what you think. Ivan
  4. Perhaps it's just me but did the 717 bug logging/tracking system disappear? I no longer see the tab and my bookmarked links lead to not authorized threads.
  5. smartCARS does provide a field to search for to/from ICAO, aircraft, and flight length. How are your flights combined/used? If they're all in separate database tables, it may take a slight modification to the web scripts. Otherwise, it should work as expected.
  6. Regarding the view switch crash, is it every time you switch? If not, this post answers it more clearly: The stuttering, however, isn't normal. What sort of numbers are you getting?
  7. Hello. Great plane, but unusable for now. Heavy Stutter on runways + CTD and blackscreen when changing view. All other add-on are fine, settings are default ones. Please help. N
  8. Last week
  9. Hi. The download for the Addon manager is in your TFDi client area, products, download section. The Addon manager is how you install the 717. Once in the installer, you can select install path for installation and them install the 717.
  10. I Moved P3dv4.5 to a SSD. How do I point the install to the drive it is on. Also for the life of me I cannot find the download for the installer. All I find is the Add On Manager. Thanks Randy
  11. That's very strange. Do you have any texture/shader mods enabled?
  12. Ginns

    Flight Schedules

    Hello, I have hundreds of scheduled flights in our 5 separate flight schedules. Each flight, of course, has to/from, IACO, takeoff and landing times. Does smartCARS provide me with a place to input all those flights and have them availablet to my Pilots so they can look up and choose? Thanks,
  13. Hey! Please open a ticket with us and we can look into it
  14. Oh. Never mind. My eyes popped when I thought I could put the Map on my message board. I use the same one you do: IPS. As long as smartCARS is not going to be discontinued any time soon.
  15. Hey guys I'm having strange black flickering and it seems to be a incompatibility between trueglas and chaseplane. These issues I'm having is only happening with QW787 And aerosoft Airbus pro when I pan around in the flight deck. But if I'm going into the addon menu and disable trueglas, everything goes back to normal. Or if I shut down chaseplane and using the insim pan option it looks fine but will still flicker like hell if I'm having another window up in front of it. Chewwyo94 had the same problem and it somehow fixed it self if he used window mode which is not the case with me. Hope to get a fix from you guys Best regards Ólavur Brekku
  16. I believe this is referring to the now discontinued Integrated PIREP System.
  17. Does not change anything. Overhead Textures a sharp, its just that on the Picture o.O
  18. Are you discussing the IPS message board system Invision? That wold be very interesting to have the VA map displayed on the Message Board. For sure.
  19. Is that happening on every approach? If you start too close, it can sometimes struggle to find the sweet spot.
  20. I am not too happy flying Legacy aircraft, but in this case the 717 is one of the two principal aircraft in the Qantaslink fleet. Therefore it is a real experience in a real geographic setting and if I am tedious I can also set up my flights to match the time and routes of the real thing.
  21. Agree, a huge job, but it would sell. There is no quality version on the horizon that I can see.
  22. I"ve been getting scalloping on the GS which means the plane hunts speeds as it swoops up and down.
  23. Parts of that panel are lower resolution than others, but they do look a bit clearer here. What happens if you adjust your texture filtering options?
  24. Texture Resolution is on Ultra. Max VC Texture is also set to 4096
  25. That definitely does seem off. What are the settings of your cockpit texture resolution in Prepar3D?
  26. Hey guys, I am just wondering if something is wrong with my installation: Settings: Is there a way to manually insert the textures?
  27. That's a smart solution for the announcements! Makes it possible to cover a large amount of destinations I guess Thanks for your replies! Good luck with development and looking forward to release! Counting the days till the end of the month here :')
  28. PACX has its own boarding simulation, so monitoring it may not be as practical. That said, writing to the GSX passenger count variable from PACX is definitely possible. I'll see about getting that added in. Regarding announcements, it aims for the specific airport first (there are only a few of those), then it'll try to find the city, then it'll go for the region (if possible).
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