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  4. Hello, I am a fairly experienced flight simmer looking to try the shared cockpit feature of the TFDI 717. I use P3dV4 and many addons like FSdreamteam, Orbx Hifi AS and clouds etc etc. I am avail to try this on the weekends short hops or longer. Let me know if interested. Dan Barrie
  5. I've reset your activations. Regarding the bridge, what simulator and OS version are you running?
  6. It looks like this was handled already - are you still experiencing any issues?
  7. Just as an update to this - we will the next version out soon. We apologize for the delay.
  8. It says that if the seat belt lights aren't on also.
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  10. mem1991

    PACXBridge FSX

    Hi there recently installed PACX install went ok however i dont have the menu in fsx itself, checked the dll.xml and it shows the correct name to be loaded in however the menu doesn't show this is on version also tried the Networked method how this works i have no idea ? followed the instruction manual to add a Settings.xml file with your IP Address this didn't work now ive used up all activations as ive had to reinstall on the main computer fsx is installed on,
  11. After some of my latest flights, the passenger "feedback" section or whatever it is, tends to always say unsafe takeoff or landing, even if it seemed perfectly normal from my view.
  12. Hi there, Today I decided to re-install windows, because I got alot of problems with it. But when trying to install PACX is tells me I've reached my activation limit. Can this be reset? Regards, iMoveQuick
  13. I knew you probably already had it handled. Thanks again. JP
  14. We have been considering, very heavily, some improvements and additions in this area recently. It has definitely been a popular request and we think it'd add a lot of value to the PACX experience. I can't promise it at this moment, but we do have a few features already in progress in this area with more on the radar.
  15. @keino333 RealLight is never in the addons menu, so that's normal. This is likely because of conflicting files in the RealLight texture folder (could be from modifications, a partial update, etc.). The process to repair it is very simple, but can be a bit tedious to explain. For anyone having the problem, these are the steps: Go to your P3Dv4\SimObjects\Airplanes\TFDi_Design_717 folder Delete the RealLight\Textures folder Navigate to %localapptata%\TFDi Design Addon Manager\Downloads\13\ Open the "" (that number will be whatever the latest is, at the time of writing, it is Inside the zip file, find SimObjects\Airplanes\TFDi_Design_717\RealLight Copy the Textures folder from inside the zip file to the location of the original deleted textures Alternatively, a FULL reinstall of the aircraft will also do it (note: you MUST delete all leftover files per the Addon Manager's instructions for that to work). If you'd like, we can setup a remote support session and I'll take care of it for you and you'll be up and running in no time.
  16. Happy Friday, Joe! I agree with you - the scrolling text is an option for users who want it, but it's definitely optional for a reason. As well, the flight attendant will announce boarding complete verbally every time in the upcoming update.
  17. I too am very much looking forward to the update. I am successfully utilizing PACX and have it synced with FS3Crew, FSCaptain and GSX. It works seamlessly and very realistically. The planned improvement of notifying boarding is complete etc will be great enhancement. It would be nice if the lead flight attendant 'verbally' notified the flight deck crew that the boarding (deboarding) is complete and to ready for door closure, cross check, etc. I am not overly fond of scrolling screen text, counter realistic on my flight deck. I know, it is an option; but having the attendant verbally notify the flight deck would be most realistic. Thanks as always Collin and much appreciated your time to get me working with PACX on my system. Happy Friday! Joe
  18. Hello: I would like to know if the creators of PACX, a program that works wonderfully, have thought about giving a goal or purpose to virtual flight. It has been thought to implement objectives for virtual pilots, such as opening the professional career, amateur flight, promotion by accumulated flight hours, score, prizes, promotions, sanctions in loss of money hours or rank, for serious or minor infractions, qualification dexterity. and so on. In short, there are countless examples of extra elements that with the help of PACX, could serve to give a little more emotion to the flight on PC. No doubt the time has come to say goodbye to the deceased king and greet the new monarch, PACX. "Make your life a dream, and your dream a reality." Thank you and greetings Translated with
  19. same issue... any fix to this Real light is not even in the drop down menus after I remove all these warnings prompts and load the into the aircraft (tfdi 717) . I have no lighting on the overhead and gauges above
  20. jenstt

    Status of development

    Looking forward to that.
  21. Good news. I unticked the alternate database connection option in the Addon Manager that was left ticked after doing the steps in the video/instructions, and now there's no error connecting to the database and the 717 works normally. Thanks for your support. Alain
  22. @Alain I have no problem getting you up and running. Most of the time, these sorts of issues are resolved within a few minutes. If you'd prefer to wait, that works too. Please just let us know.
  23. I did that and it worked👍 Thank you for help!
  24. That may be it. Please try installing the English language pack for Windows.
  25. This just happens when activations are maxed out. As is the case with many other developers, we simply require an email/support request to reset it and you're all set. Has yours been taken care of?
  26. We do answer our support tickets daily. I don't see anything wrong on your account - is all well, now?
  27. That s a very big issue. In the past I had very few CTD with 717, now it s not possible to fly with this acft. One CTD each 2/3 flights. Hope to solve this very soon. Im my opinion this is one of the best p3d add on. I believe on Tfdi team, they will fix this soon, I m sure.
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  29. Hi Mike, Yes, those dump files would be very helpful to our debugging.
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