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    One Suggestion

    I don't know if this has been suggested but it would be real nice to have an option to turn off the PA effect on the custom safety briefing. I use actual airline safety videos from youtube and the PA effect makes it sound really strange and bad. So it'd be nice to have an option to turn that off.
  4. Hey everybody anyone have all of a sudden all Gauges and interior lights start flickering like crazy? My Real light and True Glass don't work either. Any thoughts
  5. I've been able to do my first flight ever without a CTD with this bird today. Hope it will continue this way
  6. Is there a way to get vocal V-speed callouts with the 717 Thanks Randy
  7. Thank you for the fast reply. Perhaps then, this is a parameter which should be relegated to the "honor system" >> considering nearly all pilots (even sim pilots) are aware of this rule and do their best to comply with it. Perhaps we could poll the fan base. Smartcars doesn't seem to care whether we set / reset our altimeters at the proper points in the flights, which should be considered at least as important. Just a suggestion....... Best regards, Ken
  8. Great - thanks for the information!
  9. I can also help. I really would like to see this fixed. I just puts the aircraft in the shadows. Hopefully fs2crew support in the future and we have a perfect aircraft.
  10. We don't have an absolute time frame yet, as we're wanting to fully smooth out commercial aviation support first (we want to build on a solid foundation). That said, I'd IMAGINE it will be before the end of the year.
  11. At this moment, smartCARS has no way of knowing if the excess was requested or not, hence its lack of support for it. The only way would be an option to indicate it beforehand (i.e. a box/button that indicates you have requested it that must be pressed BEFORE you do it). That has the potential to become an odd workflow for the pilot, though, so it's a hard issue to solve properly.
  12. We will do what we can to support this style of flying in smartCARS 3.
  13. This was one of the things we had planned originally but didn't end up making it in. I'll get it back on the list to take another look at.
  14. I actually have an additional question that I forgot to ask, will there be different names depending on the countries you are flying to? For instance if you're flying from Norway to Russia, you would have quite alot of Norwegian and Russians names in your manifest? For future updates if possible, that would be awesome!
  15. Is there a timetable for when GA/Corporate may be added to PACX? About 75% of my flying is in these types of aircraft so it is important to me before buying - thanks!
  16. Except that I have half the frames in P3D compared to FSX version of the 717 But that is for another topic. Thanks for your initiative Henry! Can't assist you with the sharing screen/teamspeak debugging (I don't speak English good enough), but if you want any other help - just ask. Would also like a Discord invite please, to be in touch and stay informed.
  17. Is it possible to have Smartcars take into account the times when "250 kt relief" is requested / granted ? For heavy and / or high altitude departures it's sometimes advisable to request a higher (than 250 kt) airspeed to improve lift / performance. When this necessary, smartcars always reports it and of course it appears in the PIREP at the destination and it reduces the "score" for the flight. Ken B.
  18. Last week
  19. Thanks Florin, I have done much of that already to isolate it to a conflict with the VA hardware interface (VAinterface application) and PACX application). I have a remote session scheduled with the developer tomorrow to see if we can ferret out the issue. Joe
  20. Thanks for your quick response and clearing all that up! Appreciated!
  21. In order: Currently, no, however, they will be added. We wanted to ensure the core functionality and audio was correct before we focused on little elements like that. Yes, we do intend to have more voice packs. Similar to the above, we wanted to make 100% sure we knew exactly what was needed before we started with those. Yes, if you click and hold on the green button, you can drag the window around. Thank you for the support!
  22. I'll adjust this to make sure the music is paused during announcements. Regarding the door close, it should not be waiting for pushback to do those announcements.
  23. Hello! I just bought PACX and I use X-Plane 11 mostly in the FFA320. I have a few questions! Is there supposed to be ambient passenger sounds? Chatter, clicking and banging from opening overhead bins and getting sorted, reactions to landing? Like clapping or moaning? If there isnt these sounds its quite disappointing as the cabin feels dead. I have seen this asked a few times by others but when do you plan on getting more voice actors? As its a little odd hearing American flight attendants in Europe. British English would probably be the next logical step for this but thats just a thought! Also Is there a way of moving the Interface to the corner of my screen or onto my second screen? Thanks!
  24. OK, a few suggestions.... 1: Departure time in the real life aviation community is at door close. This should be re-worked so that departure time is at door close and the announcements should reflect that imputed time. Understanding that there needs to be some sort of time to allow for boarding and announcements to be played , maybe the minimum input time allowed should be 5 min. 2. There should be a clear option in the settings menu to turn on and off the speaker effect for the safety video and the boarding music. 3. The boarding music does not stop when the boarding announcements start. This needs to be corrected so that when an announcement is played the boarding music is paused. I hope this helps a little. Jeremy
  25. Please end me an invitation to your discord channel. thx.
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