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  2. Yes, this is the fix... Please navigate to and delete %localappdata%\TFDi Design Addon Manager\Downloads\13\ Once this happens, reopen the Addon Manager, ensure you are using the most updated version, and then proceed with your installation. Origin: staff.
  3. Here is the successful advice I received when I submitted a Ticket: Please navigate to and delete %localappdata%\TFDi Design Addon Manager\Downloads\13\ Once this happens, reopen the Addon Manager, ensure you are using the most updated version, and then proceed with your installation.
  4. I did Open a ticket, and got a great useful response from staff member Josh Riley.
  5. I had problems re-installing the 717. I put in a Support Ticket and within a day, staff member Josh Riley came back with the solution. Thank you Josh for such excellent service.
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  8. how strange 32 ppl looked but no one seems to know? would think it massively simple.
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  10. Best would be you open a ticket.
  11. Hello friends, would anyone be interested in doing SX-BOC?
  12. Hi, I recently upgraded from FSX:SE to Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4 (I am using v4.5) and I am unable to install the TFDi 717. I have the Addon Manager installed and when I click the "Download" Button, it is fine until it gets to the "Configuration" file (file 8/10) and it comes up with a Download error saying "An error occurred while downloading". By the way, I have my P3D installed in D:\Applications\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3Dv4 Thanks, TrainNutter
  13. Same problem here. Will not reinstall using the Addon Manager
  14. Hello folks... Any news regarding 4.5 and the CTDs Yet?
  15. I noticed some texture errors in the repaint. They have since been fixed and a new file is uploiaded. Sorry about that.
  16. gacb02


    I purshed the service the April 11 and i am still waiting for the phpvms to be isntall.
  17. I asked this back around Xmas and there was no reply. What is the max range of the B717? Wiki lists ranges up to 2000 mile, but elsewhere here a max range of 1000 miles is mentioned. Would like to know what the range is after all the updates.
  18. Looking good already! Any chance for a cheeky Delta in the meantime?
  19. Update: I'm stalled on this one as I can't find proper reference material of the grey flower lei that spans onto the top and bottom of the fuselage... maybe someone that works at PHNL or in the Hawaiian Isles with access to the aircraft can take some reference pics for me? 😜 Here is where she's currently at but progress has been stifled completely for now 😑
  20. Can't you just delete "RealLight.dll" in "Gauges"?
  21. Hello The 717 is still crashing P3D on v4.5 when switching views. I was wondering how long we will have to wait until this bird works properly without the small tip that eats all of our fps? There's not even a word about this from the team.
  22. Hi, My TFDi 717 V1.1.1.1 (updated two weeks ago) is now displaying the exact same symptoms as in the quote above! Standing still in rain with engines running and panning around in the VC and looking through the cockpit windows gives me 50 FPS. As soon as I move the throttle forward to taxi my FPS drop to 14-15 (stutters/slideshow in P3D). This condition remains until the aircraft comes to a stand still with the throttles back at idle at which time the FPS recover to 50 FPS. I tested this with the PMDG NGX and the frames remained constant at 50 FPS whether stationary or taxiing with throttle moved forward (in exactly the same rainy conditions and airport. I do have to add that this sad state of affairs only reared its ugly head since the last TFDi 717 update (one to two weeks ago). No changes have been made to my computer setup or P3D V4.4 installation over this period. Any ideas? System Specs: i7 4770K OC 4.4 Ghz, 32 Gb RAM, Win 10 Pro, Msi 1080Ti 6Gb, Prepared V4.4 Don Dormehl
  23. Sadly, I can confirm the V4.5 DOES NOT fix this issue. Seriously, TFDI, we need a way to disable Reallight until a proper fix is found. Scott
  24. I'm running the latest 717 version with P3D v4.4 I like to use Sparse Grid Super Sampling, but I'm still having the blank EFB problem. I've researched this tirelessly. I've tried hardware rendering on, off, and everything in between. The only option I've got to work is to have SGSS off, which I don't like. Any ideas?
  25. Would be great if you tested it... I havent updated yet
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  27. I updated to 4.5 today but I haven’t been flying the plane recently at all. But when I do I just stay in the cockpit where I’m suppose to be. Use the little window trick still works for looking at the wing and stuff
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