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  2. Hello, I'm trying to power up the aircraft from a cold and dark state. The external power is connected. My steps are: 1, battery on 2, emergency power armed 3, external power on The emergency power is initially on. I thought connecting external power would cause the emergency power to switch back to the armed state. At this point the battery is still discharging despite external power being on. In the OHP both EXT lights are on, indicating there's power. The electric page on the synoptic shows there's power, but there's no power to the bus. I've cycled the bus ties, occasionally that works, but most of the time it doesn't. I've occasionally seen a "via fault" message. Does anyone have any ideas? Am I doing something wrong or is there a maintenance option I haven't discovered yet? Thanks in advance. J Brenner
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  5. g5flyer

    Window fog

    I've yet to find anything other than the window defog on the pilots overhead. My side windows fog up until i'm airborne. Am I missing another switch?
  6. Is there an instruction sheet for how to input a flight "Route" into smartCARS. I tried to see if FSX would create a text version but that didn't work. I even went to vRoute to see if they had a text version, but nope. I mean, I could type it in of course, but that would take a very long time and not include Waypoints. Ivan Rivas
  7. how do you load it? I can't even figure that part out (I have file from SimBrief in the proper folder) but I haven't figured out how to get it into the CDU..
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is a fictional Lufthansa repaint for the 717. Install instructions and more info is included in the zip. This repaint was made in 4K and is only compatible with P3Dv4 so far. If you see any errors or mistakes please write a comment below this content. Have fun with it
  9. I was just wondering if a future feature would be pre-recorded, like captain to Crew and captain to passenger messages available? merry x-mas
  10. KDSM -,Des Moines IA KMLI - Moline IL KCID - Cedar Rapids IA
  11. Howdy Team, Anyone ever have the addon manager advise you that the "old version of the addon manager cannot be removed. contact your support group"? I'm trying to figure out why this is always happening after a period of not using p3d. Thanks Jody
  12. SmartCARS error: (at startup & exiting) the system could not parse the data returned while attempting to get bid flights
  13. ULLI Pulkovo UWWW Samara UUWW Vnukovo UUEE Sheremetyevo UUDD Domodedovo UMMS Minsk
  14. About 75% of these already exist - but we will get the others recorded.
  15. I would like to see at least the major airports done. Eventually, would be great to have the cities that have scheduled air service. KFNT - Flint, MI KMBS - Saginaw, MI KGRR - Grand Rapids, MI KTVC - Traverse City, MI KABE - Allentown, PA KMCI - Kansas City, MO
  16. Fantastic! I have another recording session booked with our voice actress on Monday (Dec 9), so we'll be able to get these all knocked out.
  17. We want to spend time and make sure it is done properly, hence us pushing for commercial airline flight first. We're aiming to have that wrapped up by the end of the year (assuming there are no unexpected delays). Once that's done, we can focus on nailing general aviation support in the months after.
  18. Make this great plane flyable again. It's building dust in my hangar. 😪
  19. I can confirm this behavior in my FSX + Acceleration and can also attach screenshots to illustrate it. The only exterior lights that I can actually see are the high intensity lights on the side of the front fuselage (at least that's what I think they are). Nav lights are barely visible and the landing lights look like they're extracted but not turned on. What's interesting the landing lights actually do cast light on the runway at night and I can see the logo light on the tail even though its source at the wing tip remains dark.
  20. Copenhagen Oslo Stockholm Munich Barcelona Madrid London Manchester Glasgow Dublin Europe all in all
  21. Just bought the 717 last night, installed it, fired up P3Dv4.4, and flickers about sent me into a seizure.. If I drag the P3D window to a much smaller size (roughly the size of a 19-21" monitor, the flickering stops.. But if I zoom in, it returns. If I go full screen, or anything in between, the flickering is very bad,. Additionally, It'll be around 50-70fps sitting in a Cold & Dark. Soon as I touch the 'Ready to Fly' option, frames tank to the low teens, or worse. I started out with all max settings in TFDi (2K, Transparent Surfaces, High Resolution, GFX car rendering displays, etc. Now, I've stripped it down to bare minimums (disabled transparents, Standard Display Resolution, unticked GFX Card Rendering, 1K cockpit textures, etc. No change. I use TrackIR, Chaseplane, ActiveSky, and Orbx. I've closed all but Orbx, and issue remains. I do not have this issue with any other paywares that I have. My System: - i7-6700k @ 4.6 - 16gb Ram - P3Dv4 on 500gb SSD - MSI 1070Ti 8gb - Vizio 40" UHD monitor - Warthog HOTAS - Combat Pro Pedals I really want to like this, but it's not looking real promising right now. As it is, this module is unusable for me. Another oddity is that when installing, it asks which version i want to install it on. I do not have P3Dv2, or FSX..
  22. GMMX - Marrakech GMMN - Casablanca GMAD - Agadir
  23. Hi! I love PACX and I've been enjoying it very much so far. One suggestion: For now it seems that the trigger for starting the deboarding-phase is parking brakes + engine shutoff (right?). Could there be an option to prevent boarding or deboarding when no plane doors are open? You could use the "canony open" variable via SimConnect. It would be much more realistic in my opinion since for example attaching a jetway takes additional time after reaching your gate. Best wishes!
  24. Is there any reason why I get the word "smartCARS" copied to my windows clipboard when I open the app? It's a bit annoying as I already have my flight plan copied to the clipboard and it gets over-written. I hate to be petty, but I can't think of any functional reason for having it there, so why overwrite?
  25. CYUL - Montreal CYHZ- Halifax CYOW - Ottawa CYVR - Vancouver CYYZ - Toronto CYQB - Quebec City CYWG - Winnepeg CYEG - Edmonton Regards, Mario
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  27. I put in a trouble ticket and this is a known problem. The TDFI team is working on this issue and it will be fixed sometime in the future with a new software release. Thanks to the Team.
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