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Registration Terms


The rules and expectations below are outlined to help keep this forum manageable for users and developers. These rules will allow an ongoing, open discussion between community members and staff members in a healthy, productive way.


All content posted in the forum is expected to be:

  • respectful
  • appropriate
  • on-topic (in the appropriate forum)
  • original

If you see content that does not meet these expectations, please report it for staff moderation.

Repeat Content

Once a question has been asked, repeating the same question will result in your post being removed. It is strongly recommended to search the forum you are posting in, prior to posting, to ensure your question has not already been asked or answered.

Negative Feedback/Complaints

TFDi Design does not believe in censorship. We will allow negative feedback or legitimate complaints regarding our products. Posts consisting primarily of insulting, derogatory, profane, or inflammatory content without a purpose will be removed.

User Moderation

Repeated or egregious offenses may result in a user being post-restricted (requiring moderator approval for all posts) or banned (either temporarily or permanently).

Additional Agreements

By agreeing to this, you also agree to the Terms and Conditions of TFDi Corp Websites (TAC), located.

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