Pre V1.1 717 Repaints NOTAM

This announcement is no longer active


Hello everyone,

With V1.1 on the horizon, it is essential for everyone to know what this update will mean for you guys. For anyone who uses user made repaints, these will need to be repainted to match the new update. ALL repaints released before V1.1 will no longer work!  We will be pulling down all old repaints for the 717 on July 17th. Authors of old repaints, please contact us to update old download pages if you wish to keep stats on your downloads. We will be providing as many "official" repaints as possible on release, but there will inevitability be some holes in the lineup. We do invite all of our community members to check out the official paint kit, once released, to see how to repaint the updated TFDi Design 717 exterior. This version should be significantly easier to paint.

Thank you, everyone!

- TFDi Design Staff

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